Farmers taking advantage of hemp in Kentucky - Premium Hemp Co
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Farmers taking advantage of hemp in Kentucky

We are Kentucky Proud because our Extract Wellness hemp products are grown in the verdant, fertile Ohio Valley.  They are potent and consistent, all natural and preservative free with well NO artificial anything! They are pharmacy approved and accepted and cultivated from pure 100% Kentucky hemp. Our FULL SPECTRUM hemp simply means that all aerial parts of the plant (above the root) are used to maximize the effectiveness of the hemp extract, passing on the highest value to you. All products are independently tested using a pharmaceutical grade testing standard. Also, ALL of our hemp extracts are non psychoactive-there is no high!

Furthermore, we are UNIQUE in being that we offer these THC FREE hemp products to those who have periodic drug testing in their workplace. Yes, feel free to reap all the benefits of this remarkable, natural remedy that has healing properties for physical, mental, physiological and emotional health.

We wanted to showcase this pharmacy that finally exemplifies a “common sense” approach to high priced medications, fueled by pharmaceutical companies. Prescription drugs have many adverse side effects and we all pay high costs! These customers in Kentucky are fortunate to be offered a terrific, natural alternative in a trusted pharmacy setting.  Now we offer the same to you as we truly believe at Premium Hemp Co. that you too can share their experience with your own health!  Oh, yes and please feel free to check out our Pet Advantage from Extract Wellness for your pets! They are so good to us unconditionally!  They deserve to feel good, too!