Give your pet the advantage this Halloween - Premium Hemp Co
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Give your pet the advantage this Halloween



Halloween is a favorite gathering for adults BUT not all pets take to this strange yearly event! Many of our canine friends are confused, scared and anxious from odd attire, peculiar masks and especially, excitable strangers. Besides, many dogs of all sizes and breeds get nervous, anxious or stressed naturally and for a lot less reasons than Halloween. On this evening, your dogs may pace, pant, whimper, cower, tremble or urinate unexpectedly and more! So, look for these telltale symptoms! Please take note of this and be considerate of your canines first this Halloween!

Here are some commonsense tips (before this night gets away from you) to help keep them stable:

  • Make them comfortable.
  • Keep them away from windows.
  • Find a quiet area for them to stay.
  • Provide them with a special treat or toy.

One of the BEST things you can do to help alleviate discomfort is to serve your dog CBD (cannabidiol) oil for such a time of high anxiety. CBD helps dogs to become calmer and more relaxed from the natural compounds of the industrial hemp plant.

Is CBD safe for dogs? And will it really work for what is called situational anxiety, as in a night of Halloween fright? The answer is YES! We believe our Pet Advantage CBD oil can truly help your beloved dog quickly and effectively. Customers tell us so.

Here are the important guidelines when choosing CBD for your pets. Look for full spectrum (ALL aerial parts of the hemp plant), organic and grown domestically. It should be independently tested. CBD will not get your dog high because the product must contain less than .03% THC. The actual serving for anxiety will depend on the size of your dog and the product’s potency. Recommended servings are small drops, around .05mg/pound. Keep a notebook handy to consistently observe your dog’s behavior.

What can you expect? Some dogs show immediate relief, while others require a day or two to show such desired effects.

So, do not stress, because CBD oil allows for somewhat fast results. You can give your dog a dose orally using our dropper method, and since our Pet Advantage contains coconut oil, most dogs like the taste. If your dog is picky, you can always add it to his food. Please let us know how helpful this message is for you and your pet and receive a welcome 10% discount to our Pet Advantage 250 mg. It is grown and harvested in Louisville, Kentucky. It is fresh, safe and effective! Not only does your dog love you but, he needs you too!

From the Owner’s Corner